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The journey of Serious Otters started here in Vancouver, home of the world famous hand-holding otters. We believe the otters is one of nature’s closest representation of our skills and culture. Playful, intelligent, and laid-back, we are great reaching out to companies and communities, as well as diving straight into our codes in solitude. The only main thing they are missing is our serious side!

We are serious when it comes to our passion; we are serious in supporting and enabling you and your businesses to thrive by taking off your plates what we do best, the “yucky icky frustrating web stuff”.

So, in short, our passion is to let you focus on your passion, and not that big ol’ digital headache.

we understand

You have a vision

You have an overarching vision - a mission, a purpose - which does not end at a single successful online marketing campaign.

So while we are taking care of your website and all things digital for you, we know to look beyond our horizon and make sure that the path we are building is leading you straight to where you are headed.

Your project is unique

We have learned how to use our past experience and knowledge to create the most cost-effective and efficient solutions.

However, projects may be similar, but no two projects are ever the same - different clients, products, stakeholders, customers, resources, time, and trends - and treating them the same way may turn into some costly mistakes. At Serious Otters, we understand that concept completely and we strive for creating the most custom and efficient solution tailored just for you and your mission.

Your time is important

We love working with you! Learning about your businesses, hearing about your success stories, and bouncing ideas off one another are all examples of our favorite moments working with people! But we also understand your time is valuable and there are tons of important things waiting for you.

Doing our job well means not bombarding you with unnecessary reports, messages, or technical jargon to showcase our work. Doing our job well means you not having to think, decide, or act on anything you are too busy - or simply just don’t want to - to deal with.


It has been absolutely amazing working with Serious Otters! Sam and Joseph really took the time to listen to our needs and provide many creative solutions. Their professionalism and dedication truly shines through and their work has exceeded all our expectations! They helped us created a beautiful website that is extremely user friendly. We can easily update pictures and information for our clients on our website. This is very helpful and has improved communication with our clients tremendously. We have also received many positive feedback from our clients that they really love our website as it is very informative, well designed and easy to navigate . We highly recommend Serious Otters to anyone who would like to improve communication with their existing and potential clients and strengthen their digital presence!

I have worked with Sam and Joseph for close to a decade. Serious Otters is a serious team of web developers. If you're looking for fast, high-end programming at an extremely competitive price then you cannot go wrong with Serious Otters.

Serious Otters have been our development partner for ten years. From being our in-house developers to launching their own business, I have always been impressed with Joseph and Sam's commitment to professionalism and quality. They have always been creative problem solves with a commitment to detail and polish. You will do well to hire them for you development needs.


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Sam Lui
With both business and IT backgrounds, Sam approaches problems by providing solutions that are both effective and efficient.
Joseph Lui
With over 10 years of experience, Joseph overcomes difficult technological problems with his ability to think outside of the box consistently.
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